Welcome to our wedding

Martina and Tørris are getting married on Saturday March 7th 2020, and we would love to have your company on the day (and the rest of the weekend). The wedding takes place in Tørris’ hometown Oppdal, Norway.

In early March, Oppdal is normally a winter wonderland. In between the Dovre and Trollheimen mountain ranges, the valley is usually covered in snow, which makes for great views in late winter sunlight. We have booked the local church, Marit på Vang, for the ceremony. The church is overlooking the town, the valley and the surrounding mountains from it spot on the hillside. After the ceremony, we’ll eat, drink and celebrate at Bjerkeløkkja, a conference resort made up of old farmhouses on the opposite side of the valley. In the distance you’ll be able to peek at Tørris’ parents farm.

About Oppdal (and the wedding venue):

Oppdal Church.
Danielnorthall at English Wikipedia [Public domain].

Oppdal is a quaint, little town wedged between the Dovre and Trollheimen mountain ranges about 420 km north of Oslo. The church is located on south-facing slopes, high above town, while Bjerkeløkkja is on the opposite side of the valley. Don’t worry, we’ll provide transport between the two.

The wedding will take place in the winter time, so expect snow and temperatures below zero. The combination of snow, lovely weather and relatively mild temperatures make early March the best part of winter, usually. But conditions can vary between snow storms, really cold weather and temperatures above zero. There is no need to worry though, as buildings are both insulated and heated.

It is advisable to bring warm and weatherproof clothes, which can be worn in layers to adapt easily to the changing temperatures between outdoors and indoors. It is also recommended to bring winter shoes which can be worn outdoors, and then changing to nicer shoes when going indoors. This is the local custom when going to parties in Norway.

Oppdal is a centre for winter sports, with great possibilities for both downhill and cross country skiing, snowboarding, curling, ice climbing and other winter activities. The nearest fiord is only an hour away by car and looks great in the winter time. If you’d like to know more about other things to do in the area, please look at these websites or get in touch with the groom:


We have reserved accommodation for our guests, but it is up to the guests to book and pay for their own accommodation. Bjerkeløkkja has 35 rooms for up to three adults. In 2019 the prices are:

  • Single rooms: 995 NOK (approx. €100) per room per night
  • Double rooms: 1195 NOK (approx. €120) per room per night
  • Extra bed: 200 NOK (approx. €20) per bed per night.

Prices are subject to change, in line with inflation and tax changes. The prices are comparable to other hotels in the area, and you won’t need to worry about the taxi fare back after the party. You will have to book the rooms when you RSVP to the wedding, and you will need to let us know what rooms you require. In case you change your mind or can’t come, the reservation must be cancelled at least eight weeks in advance to avoid any charges.

Bjerkeløkkja in winter

For those who want to socialise with our other guests, we’ll have a mixer on Friday night and communal breakfasts all weekend long in the common rooms. Don’t worry, all of our family and friends are nice people, and as far as we know, none of them will bite you.

As hotel breakfasts are relatively expensive in Norway, we’re proposing that everyone contributes 100 NOK (approx. €10) to a breakfast fund, which we’ll use to buy the ingredients for a great Norwegian, communal breakfast including artisanal bread and local produce. Please let us know in the RSVP whether you’d like to join the communal breakfast fund.

How to get there

Oppdal is most easily reached from abroad through Oslo Airport, from which you can catch a direct train four times a day: vy.no/en. Tickets are normally cheapest as soon as they’re released, which is 90 days before departure. This takes about 4.5 hours from the airport, or 5 hours from Oslo Central station if you’d like to spend a day in the Norwegian capital.

We recommend catching either the morning (departing about 8 am, arriving in Oppdal at about 1 pm) or the early afternoon (departing about 2 pm, arriving in Oppdal at about 7 pm) trains to see some of the great views on your way north before the sun sets. The overnight train is not recommended, as it reaches Oppdal at about 5 am. From Oppdal station to Bjerkeløkkja we’ll be happy to help you organise transport if you let us know in advance.

If you’d like to rent a car, we would recommend flying to Trondheim Airport, from which it takes about 2.5 hours to drive. Travelling by bus or train from Trondheim airport is more cumbersome, as it requires one or two changes along the way. There are also limited possibilities for car rental in Oppdal. Due to the unpredictable weather, we would advise you to only rent out a car if you are comfortable driving through ice, snow, or a potential snowstorm. Certain roads between Trondheim and Oppdal can be particularly slippery and icy in March.

Rundown of the weekend

  • Friday night – mixer at Bjerkeløkkja as people arrive. We’ll serve traditional Norwegian and Italian food.
  • Saturday 1 pm – ceremony at Oppdal Church
  • After the ceremony, there will be small bites available in the Bjerkeløkkja common rooms while the bride and groom get the photos done
  • Saturday 4.30 pm for 5 pm – dinner  
  • Saturday 8 pm coffee, cakes* and party until late 

*The local Oppdal tradition is that the guests bring cakes. Tørris’ grandparents had about 150 guests and as many cakes at their wedding. We don’t expect you to bring a cake and we’ll love you whether or not you partake in these customs, but there are baking facilities at Bjerkeløkkja if you are a diehard traditionalist.

Wedding gift list

For those who want, we’ll make a list of possible wedding gifts at a later point in time.


Fill in the following form before the 1st of September 2019 to let us know that you will be coming along. Please remember to include: the names of the people attending, any dietary requirements or allergies, your accommodation booking and preferences, your contribution to the breakfast fund.

Please RSVP here.